Prior Members


Melissa Witt

Originally from Louisville, KY, Melissa obtained her B.F.A in Motion Graphics from the Savannah College of Art and Design. After moving to NYC in 2011, she found a passion for user interface and experience design. Melissa has over 5 years of professional design experience in New York, and is always curious how to improve the human experience through the digital items we interact with on a daily basis.

Melissa was an inaugural member of the Co-Lab for the month of June '17. While in between full-time jobs, Melissa utilized the space to better understand the basics of various approaches to hydroponics and get connected to freelance work within the AgTech industry.

Bronwyn Harris

Bronwyn works with national and urban parks to conduct ecological restoration and plan responsible natural resource management. Most recently with the Central Park Conservancy she has helped with invasive plant tracking, removal and management, while also increasing public engagement in park restoration. Bronwyn received her B.S. in Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources from Rutgers University.

Bronwyn was an inaugural member of the Co-Lab for the months of June & July '17. "What I especially appreciated about my time at AgTech X was the people I met. From getting to talk to successful individuals who work with everything from sustainable waste management to growing greens right in the city, I really felt that there is a great community of people to connect with. With AgTech X you are given unique access to this large community of entrepreneurs and educators that can help any idea of yours truly manifest."

Vidyadhar Thatte

Vidy is a rising senior at NYU Tandon School of Engineering, where he majors in computer science and is currently working on a healthcare startup, Sentience Inc. Vidy believes that sustainable agriculture, just like renewable energy, is an important vertical that is going to affect the future of the planet and is pursuing research in this area on the side.

Vidy collaborated with Dan Nelson to build out the software component of our first Personal Food Computer, allowing for the creation of rules-based automation to control and experiment with various factors that affect the growth of plants in this system.