NYC AgTech Week 2017: AgTech X Recap

September 16-21, 2017


1. The Week in Photos: #NYCAgTechWeek

2. East Williamsburg Farm Tour

AgTech X hosted more than 60 attendees as part of the East Williamsburg Farm Tour. We had such a great time showcasing our space and hearing from other Urban Ag enthusiasts that we've launched a new 4-location tour series based on it.


3. Co-Lab Sponsorship

We also hosted two companies from out of town and helped them connect into the NYC AgTech scene.



"Aeroasis is a Florida based AgTech startup focused on innovative technologies & service solutions for hyper-local, small scale clients & customers looking to grow their own greens.

On top of developing AgTech products and services, Aeroasis has made a serious commitment to providing educational resources to schools and families."

Bootstrap Farmer

"Bootstrap Farmer is a proud member of the food revolution, where we promote ways of creating real change in the local food movement through entrepreneurship.

Launching our company by custom manufacturing products based off our own needs & ideas, we now serve farms of all shapes and sizes. We also specialize in biodynamic plant nutrition, DIY high tunnels, plant containers, microgreens and more."


4. Photo Contest

Nick Burton walked away with this free, framed print from Farm.One.

Want your own? We have multiple sizes and options available, starting at just $10.

5. Our Members on the Big Stage!

We couldn't be more proud of our Co-Working Members doing big things.

Dan Nelson put on his own event and panel discussion on the consumer growing market, showcasing live systems from around the world and explaining to a packed house at Agritecture his personal journey into AgTech entrepreneurship. 

Meanwhile, Jason Biegel presented on his research with the Association for Vertical Farming regarding the hot topic of plant recipes.


6. Building Community


The big takeaway for us? A lesson we've already seen playing out through our co-working lab: Urban Agriculture is as much about growing community as it is growing plants. We surveyed our network about their main reason for attending AgTech Week, and nearly 90% highlighted the desire to make personal connections. We were happy to see that 100% felt they had achieved these goals through the events they attended.

Based on this lesson, we've launched a new Community Membership. It's a way for us to provide a valuable alternative for those who cannot make our co-working membership work but still want to stay connected to our broader network.

Does this sound like you? Email us and let's chat!